Organising support for the most vulnerable in our community

Our community can do wonderful things…

Wherever possible people who are self-isolating are being encouraged to ask for help from family, friends, and neighbours.

We would encourage everyone who can help others to let their family, friends and neighbours know if they are available and what they can do to help.

Most villages and areas are setting up groups to make sure that everyone is looked after. Most people have family, friends or neighbours to help them if they need to stay at home for an extended length of time.

But if you have no one to help you or need additional help you can ring our 24-hour helpline. It was set up to make sure that everyone in the Bedale area can get help.

HELPLINE: 01677 455065
You will hear a recorded message asking you to give us your name, address and phone number and a brief description of why you need help.

Someone will ring you back, though it may not be immediately – but we will check messages throughout the day and into the evening.

• We have lists of local people who have offered to help in many ways.

• We will do our very best to put you in touch with someone who can help you in the way you need.

• We will ask any volunteer coming to you to phone you so that you know their name and expected time of arrival.

• If you are self-isolating, the volunteer will talk to you from a safe distance.

The type of help which could be offered includes:

  • collecting and delivering shopping – leaving deliveries on the doorstep or safe place to avoid close physical contact;
  • suggesting local shopping options and trusted suppliers;
  • collecting and delivering prescriptions if you are the nominated person registered with the GP;
  • caring for pets;
  • regular social contact via telephone, FaceTime, Skype calls or other methods that will avoid physical contact (offering to call your neighbour who can’t get out so they have someone to chat to on the phone could make all the difference);
  • encouraging people to contact others in the same situation by linking people together;
  • delivering books and magazines or materials to support hobbies such as wool for knitting or art materials;
  • reassuring people with accurate and up to date advice and information; and
  • signposting people to other sources of help if needed.

Remember, if you are ill, call your GP or 111

“We may not change the world but we can show the world how to.”

Get in touch today if you need help or can volunteer !